Robot Princess

It may be fair to suggest that growing up in New York City breeds a certain need for ultra stimulation in a person. When Robot Princess’s Beau Alessi relocated to Maine after college, the singer/guitarist found himself stranded from any such vitality - let alone a relatable music community - and it was here that he began to use songwriting as a tool for serious expression, his past projects taking a more carefree tone.

Although its intentions are somewhat more serious than his previous endeavors, Robot Princess is not devoid of playfulness. The band name alone speaks to that, and keytarist Catherine Anderson’s rainbow-colored ‘axe’ is another hint at these lighthearted undertones. Add to this the fact that the band’s first single uses The Baby-Sitters Club’s zany Claudia as its namesake, and one might be left wondering if Robot Princess holds any real depth at all.

But the song’s message runs deeper than its primary influence might suggest. Taking the perspective of narrator, Alessi recounts the struggles of living with a depressive partner by way of a metaphorical fixation on having peaked in high school. Without revealing any level of personal experience, the singer easily assumes an objectivity that helps him draw those connections between the fictional 80’s character and the song’s antagonist, all presented with his tongue firmly in his cheek and the band turned up to 10.


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