Email jameaterrecords@gmail.com with a little info about your project for a quote.

All sessions require a 50% deposit at the time of booking. The deposit is 100% refundable if cancelation is made with at least two weeks notice. The remaining balance is due at the end of each day.


CUTTERS, Monster Bad, HTML, Forget This, The Tin Can Collective, It Came From Space, Fear Not Ourselves Alone, Modern Trigger, John Warren, Best Regards, Ankle Grease, Duckspeak, Lights with Fire, Van Vega, Golden Age, Tadpole, James Bannon, Chaz Monroe, and more.



What time of day do sessions start?

Most sessions start at Noon and end at 8pm. Just ask if you'd like to work different hours. We generally ask that sessions end by 10pm.

Are there special rates for mixing? How long will it take?

No, normal studio rates apply. As for how much time you should book for mixing, there are a bunch of factors at play; the number of tracks / instruments / vocals, the amount of editing and processing you want to perform (effects, automation, etc), and the extent to which the songs are similar to or different from each other (we can save time by retaining settings from song to song). If you can fill me in on these details, I’m pretty good at guessing how long the mixing will take.Equipment

Can you send me rough mixes of the sessions at the end of each day?

Yes, but only during booked time/at the cost of the standard rate. This means if you want mixes for the session we need to end early. Bouncing & emailing mixes takes time and effort. I don’t really encourage this in general, as bands tend to be overly critical of unmixed, unfinished material. It usually causes more problems than it alleviates.

Should I bring my own amp, drums, keyboard etc?

It never hurts to bring the gear you are most comfortable with. We prefer to use our own drum kit most of the time, but if you are in love with your kit we can use it (just keep in mind we need extra set up time). As far as guitars, amps, pedals, and keyboards, feel free to bring your own stuff (you're welcome to use our gear as well).

Guitar Strings

Please change your strings before you come to the studio! Your recordings will sound way better!

What can I do to prepare for recording?

  1. Practice! While practicing, make a simple demo and listen to it as a band.
  2. Make sure you know the parts everyone else in the band is playing. There's often confusion when someone will hear a part they never heard before and don't like. Arguments ensue and we don't like fighting in the studio. It's unproductive.
  3. Provide us with audio examples of the kinds of sounds you want to achieve.


Preamps / DI

Outboard Effects

Tape Decks

Amplifiers & Cabinets



Drums & Percussion


Misc Instruments